G3 Pro

  • Time Attendance device
  • 3-in-1 Contactless Biometric Palm Recognition
  • Multiple verification modes
  • Compatible with ZKBioSecurity and BioTime 8.0
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G3 Pro is a biometric Time Attendance terminal powered by Computer Vision technology with 3-in-1 contactless palm recognition. G3 Pro can perform bio-authentication with a user’s palm vein, palm print,and the shape of palm at the same time once the sensor detects a hand presented.

Palm vein and palm print patterns are reliable human identifiers as the details are extremely hard to be duplicated, thus, together with the powerful algorithm, users may enjoy the terminal’s enhanced anti-spoofing ability.

Eliminating hygienic concerns, G3 Pro, equipped with a novel hand tracking technique allowing angle tolerance as wide as +/-60° in the roll axis, the huge capacity of 6,000 palm templates, and a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, extracts palm print and vein pattern for analysis at a distance for recognition from 0.2m to 0.5m in less than 0.35s. Users no longer need to struggle to touch the sensor at a specific angle and align the center of the palm with the center of the input sensor for proper hand images to be acquired.


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