G4 Pro

– All-In-One Identification Terminal for Access Control
– Compatible with 4G networks
– Dynamic QR codes
– Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP v2.1.7)
– Dual-frequency card module
– Support Multi-tech card module
– Android LCDP tool for integration
– Mask detection
– Anti-spoofing algorithm

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ZKTeco launches G4 Pro, a multi-biometric access control and T&A terminal built for system integrators. Deliver a unique approach into multiple vertical markets with a device that lets you implement the autentication method that best suits your needs. From traditional RFID cards and QR codes, to the most advanced biometric recognition technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition or palm-vein pattern recognition. Additionally, G4 Pro allows usage of Smartphones to identify users with phone based authentication by incorporating dynamic and mobile credentials as key differentiating features.

The device is equipped with a fully upgraded version of the Android 9.0 system, adding new features such as palm recognition, PoE power supply, and it is compatible with 4G networks, satisfying various market needs including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, Thailand, and India.

ZKTeco also provides an LCDP tool which is used for 3rd party applications integration. It includes simplified bottom hardware interface, algorithm interface and some upper business logic and configuration, which can make development more easier and more efficient.


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